Behind the scenes with Barre loving network TV meteorologist Meredith Garofalo

Merdith Barre 3

When she's not covering storms and monitoring weather patterns, network TV meteorologist Meredith Garofalo, can be found at Barre3 crushing her fitness goals. Meredith's barre discovery helped her transition from a high school athlete to a fabulous 30 something that is in the best shape of her life!  Check out her story below

How did you get to experience barre for the first time? how has your practice evolved since then?

My first experience with the barre studio classes was at Pure Barre in Sarasota, FL.  I was in my mid 20s and was looking for a way to work out that would be most beneficial with my changing body. I was very active in high school sports, but now, starting to have some knee and back issues so I had to find a new way to stay fit that took that into consideration.  I took classes there for the next month, and with modifications, found that it was not only benefiting me physically, but mentally. I moved from Florida to California for a new job and in 2015, I was introduced to the Barre3 program and have been a member ever since! It's a part of my life every single week and because of that combined with a healthy and balanced diet, I'm in the best shape of my life right now in my 30s!

Do you recommend Barre? What are the benefits?

I absolutely do! It has been life-changing for me on so many levels. As a woman, it really helps you focus on the typical problem spots that before I'd spend MONTHS in the gym trying to work on.  With barre, I've been able to tone and sculpt all over as well as maintain my figure. It's definitely NOT an easy workout if you are really committed to the full hour of class. I've had classes I've been drenched with sweat or more out of breath than running for an hour in the summer!  I love the music as well, it really gets you fired up and moving. On the other side of staying physically fit, it's helped clear my mind and channel positive energy that I leave class with every time. It's also significantly helped improve my posture, I find myself standing up straighter every single day!

Meredith Barre 3

What is your favourite Barre exercise or exercises?

There are so many lol! I'd have to say I really enjoy having a flow with Warrior Two. I enjoy the stretch but also the movement that goes along with it. I also really enjoy abs with a Core Ball.  It's allowed me to really focus on every muscle and go for the quality of the moves, not the quantity. For seat-work, I really like being on the mat and doing diamonds. You can really feel the impacts on your thighs and glutes within minutes...and the results after years of that certainly has made the pain and soreness worth it :)  

Do you have a favourite Barre accessory?

I'd have to say just the combo we use in all our Barre3 classes...weights, bands & the core ball.  I definitely have a set at home as well for when I can't make a studio class with my busy schedule.

Meredith Barre 3

Beyond the barre, what is something you get from your practice that benefits other aspects of your life?

Overall, since I made barre workouts a part of my life weekly, I've changed significantly. I've always heard that if you find a workout that tailors best to your body that you also can enjoy and get out of bed for, it will make all the difference. I set fitness goals back in my 20s that I wanted to accomplish for my body, and I'm proud to say that now at 32 I can check off my list! Physically, I love the way I feel being myself both physically and emotionally. My confidence is the highest it's ever been, and I'm not afraid to share my stories of struggle and even moments I have been body shamed by others.  I use my past to inspire the generations of the future, and commit to sharing positive energy and inspiration with everyone I can. We have an important choice every day -- to sit back on the sidelines and watch the world happen or to get off the bench and make each and every day count and make as much as a difference as you can. Good thing I have my running shoes (or heels!) always ready for the next adventure and opportunity that I'm faced with daily :)

Thank you for sharing your story Meredith we can't wait to tune in to your next broadcast! 
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