Barrepreneur: Kayla Beckmann Barnhart founder of Small Fox Media


Name: Kayla Beckmann Barnhart

City: Denver, CO


Small Fox Media

Favourite Studio: I moved from Florida to Denver in April and currently teach for @purebarredenver and am loving my new Colorado clients and crew! But – my heart will always be with @purebarrejaxbeach! I got my start at and taught for PBJB for 3 years and I miss my squad!

What inspired you to start your business where did the idea come from?

I honestly just got tired of sitting in an office and being paid horribly. I wanted to make good money but also have a healthy work/life balance and a flexible schedule.

I thought to myself that I could hustle and find my own clients and keep doing what I was doing, but for myself, and I was right! Granted, it was really hard for the first three years, but persistence pays!

What is the biggest challenge you have faced to date? How did you over come it?

There was about 2-3 solid years where my income was really unstable. I’d get a big job and feel on top of the world, then the next week would lose a client and feel like I made a huge mistake going out on my own.

I finally came to realize that business ebbs and flows and you have to roll with it. If you lose a client, there will always be another one, and it probably wasn’t a great fit to start with anyway.

How does your barre passion help you succeed in your business?

Barre keeps me sane! Now that my business is doing well and really busy, I’m so grateful that teaching barre literally makes me take breaks from “real work”. I have to stop working and either learn a class to go teach, or just go take a class.

Being a business owner is a ton of fun, but really stressful. It’s so important to make time for yourself. I mean, isn’t that the whole reason I wanted to work for myself?! Barre give me the opportunity to zone out for 50 minutes and just take care of body and mind!

What's something good (or bad) about being an entrepreneur that no one talks about?

Good - With what I do, it’s hard to tell which trips I take are for work or vacation. Sometimes they’re both! I get to go to really cool places and do really cool things.

Bad - When you’re so focused on doing everything for your clients, it’s really hard to remember the importance of doing things for your own business. I’m totally guilty of not posting on my business’s social media even though I spend all day preaching the importance of social to my clients 😅

What were you doing before you started your business? How did you get to where you are today?

I started out as a journalist, and eventually Editor at an active lifestyle magazine. Then Account Manager at an advertising agency. Then left to start Small Fox, which actually started out doing mostly video production services, but now is a social media agency only.

Working at the magazine and the ad agency made me realize the kind of creative work I wanted to do and the kind of clients I wanted to work with. Now at Small Fox, I specialize in active lifestyle brands and only work with clients that consider themselves to be the cool kids on the block. I wasn’t always able to be this choose-y, but now that I can be, I feel like I’m producing my best work.

What's the best advice you'd like to share with women entrepreneurs?

If you’re thinking about going out on your own, there is never going to be a “right time”. You just have to prepare as much as possible, jump, then fight like hell to make it work. I had $2000 in savings and no idea what I was doing, but you hustle and connect and do good work, and you make it work.

What is one thing people can do to support female business owners succeed?

Go out of your way to support your local girl gang! Buy from your girl’s boutiques, talk about how your girl is a badass director and share her films on social, read books by female authors. Just be mindful of where you spend your money and your recommendations.

What can The Barre Jar Besties do to help you succeed now?

Follow along with me at @kaylabeckmannbarnhart and @smallfoxmedia and shoot me a DM if you know any super cool active lifestyle brands that need some super cool social media!


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